My Work at Weberest Web Design Studio

About the Studio

Weberest is a small web design studio with a team of great professionals and greater ideas. The company develop customized internet solutions, designed to achieve the goals set by the customer. It includes wide range of corporate and personal websites, as well as internet shops, based on our own custom-build platform.

Below is a list of projects I worked on as an SEO and Digital marketer:

The Work

I was busy with all the activities a modern SEO and Digital Marketer has to do to assure that every website or e-shop is perfectly set to compete with the leaders in its niche and present its visitors with the best user experience.

Regular website audits, focusing on: “How do we rank for specific keywords?”, “Where does our traffic come from and could we get more?”, “How can we draw more targeted traffic?”, “How can we increase our conversion rate?”, “What are visitors looking to find on our websites and how can we improve their user experience?”, “How to optimize the websites’ code and load speed?”, “What’s broken and needs fixing?”, and many more. All this coupled with the overall marketing strategies of each individual company or website.

Content analysis, creation and optimization. All these activities are aimed at finding out what type of content is the most visited, commented and shared. What type of content is helpful and how to make it even more useful and interesting. What type of content leads to achieving the website’s goal and how to use this to increase its effectiveness (conversion rate).

Content promotion. Writing an interesting and appealing article is one thing, but making it reach to a wider and targeted audience is a difficult, time-consuming and creative process. It includes finding out influencers in many different niches, reaching out to them with your ideas or content and persuading them to share it with their circles of friends, colleagues and readers. As well as many other promotional strategies.

Link acquisition and development. There are infinite ways of acquiring links to a website and I’ve tried almost each one of them. It is highly creative and time consuming process, widely considered as the master skill of a modern SEO expert. My philosophy is that I better acquire fewer links, but from a high-quality neighborhood, bringing high-quality traffic of well-targeted visitors. All the efforts involved in creating appealing content (written text, video, graphics), leading to high-quality natural link-acquisition, can be considered as part of the link-building process.

E-book creation, publishing and promotion. This included converting the text into several digital book formats, creating the books’ covers and promotional artwork and publishing it on multiple e-book stores. Among those stores are Amazon, Kobobooks, Nook by Barnes&Noble, Smashwords, iBookstore, Google books, and so on.

App development and promotion. As every modern business with strong digital presence, we’ve created a smartphone application to help people use our products through their mobile devices. I took part in its development (design and features), testing and promotion. I’ve created promotional videos and published them on Youtube and app stores as a support to the overall marketing efforts. Videos were also used as part of the design of the app. I was also involved in building and optimizing the website of the app.

Video-clip creation and editing. I love the creative process of making video-clips and made some, used on the websites in our own portfolio, as well as for our clients’ websites. My preferred video-editing software is Adobe Premiere Pro.

I also had the pleasure of maintaining the social-networking pages of the major websites in our portfolio, including Facebook and Pinterest, as well as creating different types of content, such as articles, infographics, videos, guides, checklists, etc.

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